Photo Montage Video

Celebrate Your Life!

If every picture tells a story, then only video can let you relive it with your friends and family. Create a story that celebrates your life, either with pictures or in your own words. As one of the most popular video options, our photo montage utilizes your own pictures from childhood to present, set against music, and provides a visual and lyrical adaptation of your life story.

Share your story in your own words

Share your life story with your family by recording it on video in your own words. A biography video is the perfect gift for your entire family, and will certainly become an instant treasure for your children and grandchildren. You can even pull out those dusty photographs and memorabilia and we will add it to your video, along with a soft and sentimental background tune.

GOLD  $400

Package includes:
Up to 150 photos
10-13 minutes in length
4-6 songs of your choice provided to us by you
Up to 6 Title Pages
1 DVD in decorative DVD Tin

SILVER  $350

Package includes:
Up to 100 photos
7-10 minutes in length
3-4 songs of your choice provided to us by you
Up to 4 Title Pages
1 DVD in decorative DVD Tin

BRONZE  $300

Package includes:
Up to 50 photos
4-7 minutes in length
2-3 songs of your choice provided to us by you
Up to 2 Title Pages
1 DVD in decorative DVD Tin

Additional Services 

Additional Services:
Pictures we scan: ¢.50 each
Additional Song: ¢.50 each
Additional Title: ¢.50 each
Additional Transition: ¢.50 each
Photo Captions: ¢.50 each
Additional DVD: $10 each

Montage Preparation Advice

What is this Video Montage for?
Decide what your montage is going to be for. Is it for and anniversary, retirement, birthday, inspirational, memoriam, wedding etc.

What music do I need?
Select your appropriate music. You will need more than 2 songs for 50 pictures, so be sure to select at least 2. It would be best if possible to burn the songs in the order that you would like them played on a CD for us. CDs should be put in CD cases to avoid being damaged during shipping

How should I prepare my pictures for you?

For Scanning:
Lightly write the sequence number (001, 002 etc.) on the back of your photos using a pencil (do not use a pen as the ink may transfer to another picture). Place each group of pictures for each song in separate zip lock bag,this will also help protecting your pictures during shipping.

Digital Delivery:
You may also scan the pictures at 150 dpi and send them to us on CD or DVD disc, or via FTP.
If possible, create a folder for each song, and place the appropriate pictures in that folder ex: #1-“Time Of Your Life”-01_chad toddler.jpg

Titling your pictures can enhance your video. Please let us know how the title should read. Post it notes are recommended for each picture and include a short caption you want to appear on that slide (ex. Aunt Jenny 1950, Christmas with the Smith’s etc.), keep them short as the picture will only be up for about 5-8 seconds.

We are more than happy to scan any pictures in for you at a fee of + .50 per picture.

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