LVProductions is based in Frederick Maryland and serves clients in Baltimore MD, Washington D.C., Fairfax VA and surrounding areas. For over a decade, we have been in the business of event video—making memories that last forever.  Weddings, Mitzvoth, Quinceañeras and other life events have been our main focus. Over years and years of helping families and individuals tell their stories, we came to realize that the skill we had honed for so long could be applied in a more commercial setting as well. This is why we are proud to offer high quality corporate video services for any business that understands the value of telling their story in a way that will get their customers truly engaged.

You don’t just want a memory—you want to relive everything that made that big moment special. Our videographers will give you exactly that; not just a moving photo album set to music, but a professional telling of the stories that made your event special. You will hear the laughter, see the faces, and feel the joy all over again. We will tell your story in a way your children, grandchildren and other family and friends will understand and enjoy.
It’s one thing to tell your customers what you do and why; it’s an entirely different experience for them to see and hear makes your product or service unique. Whether that story is the tale of how your business came to be, showing how your product or service can enhance their lives or a combination of these, the impact a corporate video can have on customer acquisition and retention is greatly enhanced when produced by an experienced storyteller.

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